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Franz Maier (Master of his trade) is owner of M.u.S. Yachtsport in Krailling and since 1981 he has been active as BMW-Marine agency und authorized dealer. Since 1987 he continues to develop BMW-Marine-Engines on his own responsibility.
Mr. Maier is an enregistrated master in the official craftsman registry for boat mechanics and electric boat installations. He is also officially admitted to conduct follow-up testing of exhaust emissions.

Since spring 1995 the B 130i Cat, a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with catalytic converter, which was tested and approved by the Technischen Universität München and by TÜV Bayern-Sachsen, is available. It has admittance for both single and twin engine operations.
Later in 1995 the B 635i Cat 6-cylinder gasoline engine was successfully tested again, this time with a bigger catalytic converter. The tests were successfully passed as well and achieved all required test parameters for twin-engine operations of level II BSO Bodensee Shipping Regulations.

1999 Development for the V6 4,3 L engine basis GM, with multipoint gasoline injection and catalytic converter.
Tested and approved by Technische Universität München with TÜV Bayern and admitted by Landratsamt Lindau (also for twin-engine operations). It has 130 kW power.

2001 M.u.S. Yachtsport developed for the V8 5,7 L engine basis GM, with multipoint gasoline injection and catalytic converter.
Tested and approved by Technische Universität München with TÜV Bayern. Power: 180 kW (245 PS), admitted for single- and twin-engine operations by Landratsamt Konstanz.

2002 in March M.u.S Yachtsport presents the V8 5,7 L motor based on GM with a crankshaft-power of 188 kW per engine for single-engine- and 166 kW per engine for twin-engine-operation, both admitted for level I BSO on bavarian lakes.

2003 in January M.u.S. Yachtsport introduces the V6 4,3 L motor basis GM with a power of 158 kW admitted for single- and twin-engine operation level I BSO on bavarian lakes.

2004 M.u.S. Yachsport presents the V8 5,0 L motor basis GM with a power of 170 kW for single- and twin-engine operation. It is admitted for level II BSO by LRA Konstanz.

2010 M.u.S. Yachsport presents: 3,0i MPI MerCruiser-Volvo (BSO Level II)

Technical Details of the BMW-Engines:

The B 635i Cat is an in-line 6-cylinder, which basis is identical with the engines of BMW's 7er car series. It has 3.430 ccm, a moment of force of 296 Nm at a rotational speed of 4.250/min.
For single engine operation it delivers a power of 142 kW, which is equal to 194 PS. For twin-engine operations the power is 140 kW, which is equal to 190 PS.

The 4-Cylinder engines are identical to the motors used in former BMW-cars of the 3er series and has 2 L cylinder capacity, 165 Nm moment of force at a rotational speed of 4.500/min.

For single and twin engine operations it delivers a power of 81 kW, which is equal to 110 PS.

Both BMW-engines are adapted for marine use with original parts, which are manufactured by the former BMW-Marine suppliers. They have a metal-substrate-3-way-catalytic converter. With lambda sensor, position engine speed sensors (negative pressure and temperature measuring) the electronic of the fuel injection system is controlled.

With regard to the catalytic converter it needs to be mentioned, that this metal-substrate-catalytic converter is less damageable, than a catalytic converter based on ceramics, used in most automobiles. It is covered by water - with an air-gap to the catalytic converter; This design makes possible to reach the operating temperature very fast and to stop heat diffusion into the engine space. These Cat-engines can even be used in salt water without any rebuilding.

These engines can be motorized with adapter flanges for Volvo Z-Drives of series 270 - 290 and SX, also with Duoprop. Further it is possible to mount adapter flanges for MerCruiser Z-Drives, for Castoldi-Jets as well as for Hurth-Reverse-Gear Units.

On demand the whole aggregate is delivered with Z-Drive.

Our program offers also BMW-Injection-Engines without catalytic converter, admitted for Level I BSO, which have also a swiss type-specific approval.

As single engine there is in addition to the known 4-cylinder 2 L B 130 and 6-cylinder 3,4 L B 635 a B 190 with 2,8 L cylinder capacity.

Further on we offer engines, which are equipped with carburators.

We own a well-sorted depot of spare parts for all kinds of BMW-Marine-Engines and care for the adequate spare parts supply.

Worldwide distribution of BMW-Marine-Parts is provided on a daily basis.